Buzz – Praise from my Clients

I have been fortunate to work with so many wonderful people, and they have been kind enough to recommend me and my work.  Here is what just some of them have to say:

“I have worked with Maya for many years in many different capacities. As a consultant, coach, executive admin and coordinator. As a non-profit consultant and coach, I’ve watched and benefitted from Maya’s transformative affect on an organization with practical operations and administrative ideation and scaffolding, compassionate team and relationship building with staff and leaders, creative infrastructure design and overall organizational development and strategy born from her wealth of experience.

Maya’s services as a project manager and executive admin made my first intercontinental move instantly more manageable, from background research on services and places to live, to planning out phases of preparation and execution, to coordinating some details with my new employer. She is effective, efficient, responsive, friendly, and funny to boot. As a liaison between myself, my publisher and content contributors, Maya also assisted me in securing copyright permissions and writing proposal letters for my book. I was very glad to hire her a second and third time for some scoping on two different legal issues, and found her helpful and thorough as before. I look forward to working with Maya again!”– M. Jahi Chappell, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, Coventry University, and author of the Beginning to End Hunger

“I have used many virtual assistants over the years, but none were more dependable and capable than Maya. Her professionalism and attention to detail allowed me to trust her to handle administrative needs, which enabled me to concentrate on other aspects of my business. Beyond just administrative tasks, she was very creative and proactive in helping me with projects.”– Jarik Conrad, Conrad Consulting Group (CCG), Sprouted Bean Health Systems

“It’s been my good fortune to work alongside Maya over the past 7 years on several different projects with different companies. As a project manager and team member, I’ve seen her attention to detail and grace under pressure first hand, wrangling personnel with a firm but earnestly pleasant skill that is rarely seen in the entertainment industry. She has a keen wit, a delightful sense of form/function. I look forward to our next project, unless some lucky company snags her for a permanent position first.” – Lars Lunde, Lundegaard Productions, New York

“Maya’s impressive organizational skills are augmented by what must be clairvoyant and empathic superpowers. She will anticipate needs her clients haven’t thought of, and she is the calm, sensible oasis during the chaos that develops at any public event.” – Rob Pivarnik, Entertainment Director, TerrifiCon

“Maya began working for me in June of 2008 as an executive administrator and then also as a creative consultant …Maya has demonstrated an excellent work ethic and attitude. I’ve worked closely with assistants over the last 25 years and rank Maya as the very best.  I can endorse Maya as extraordinarily reliable and having the highest character. She would be a welcome addition to any venture.” – Herb Jordan, The Adage Group, Beverly Hills, CA

“Without a doubt, Maya has been invaluable in helping our podcast reach a broader audience. She combines her creativity with impeccable organizational skills and we have benefitted from the results. Thanks to Maya we’ve been involved in some wonderful festivals and conventions and have had the privilege of gaining access to guest speakers that we never thought possible. Simply put, she upped our game.” – Loaded Dice Podcast

“It is not an understatement to say that if it weren’t for Maya working, I would not have been able to navigate the past year of my life.  Whatever I needed her to do, from web design, video creation, gig booking, calendar management, shopping, social media management..practically my entire life – she did it all, and was always sweet, professional and so easy to work with.  I could actually breathe a sigh of relief and focus on my music knowing that Maya was taking care of things for me.” – Elaine. Romanelli, singer/songwriter

“As a busy professional in New York City, having an project manager that I know I can always rely on is a must, and Maya Jordan is not only someone I can rely on, I literally would not be able to do the work I do without her.” – Evan Cardona, SolCard Productions, NY, NY